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Clients say:

I had Epoxy Flooring New Jersey come and inspect my shop floor as I wanted something that looked nice and was robust to handle foot traffic. I had their flooring guy come out to quote me and show me some samples and I was very impressed with what I saw. I booked them for the job and they did a stunning job of giving me the most beautiful floor.

Joe Pirlo

Residential Epoxy Flooring New Jersey

Tiles, wooden floors and carpeting are not the only flooring options for one’s home. With new options like epoxy flooring and concrete polishing now becoming popular it gives you a cheaper option to get a very modern look.

Never has there been a time when we have not been able to come up with an idea for a customer’s residential property. We have some amazing floor colors and various styles that are not only good for a garage area but also inside the home. A great deal of clients in New Jersey started using our services because they have suffered flooding in their basements and they got tired of having to replace carpet and wooden floors. It makes so much more sense to have a floor that you don’t have to keep replacing and requires minimum maintenance and is, tough! So if something happens where your sump pumps fail and your basement gets flooded you don’t have to worry about replacing the floor every single time this happens.

Your garage floor can also be transformed by using epoxy paint to give it a design of your liking. You can pick from color and style, we can add a flake look, granite look, mat or gloss look and even add a design to the like of your favorite sports team logo or a brand you love, it’s easily added to the floor. When it comes to epoxy as long as you have a good imagination we can provide the finished design to the floor.

If you are also looking for something slightly different to epoxy flooring you might want to also consider concrete polishing. The good thing about concrete polishing is it has a very low maintenance threshold and it will last you 20 years plus. We use a diamond polishing technique to bring a reflective quality to the concrete. Not only does this bounce light back in to the room it also seals the concrete which effectively makes it much less porous, so any spills will settle on the concrete and not sink through it. You will also find polished concrete is less slippery as it takes the imperfections out of the concrete which in turn can make for a floor that has less chance of tripping on. The friction levels meet safety standards so your floors won’t be like an ice rink when wet. Polished concrete has a very quick cure time which means the installation will take no time at all. The concrete does not chip easy at all once it’s been polished and is very hard wearing.

So should you need epoxy flooring or concrete polishing we have a way to give you the flooring you desire. All we ask is that you pick up the telephone and give us a call and our staff members will come and give you an epoxy or concrete polishing quote.

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