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Clients say:

I had Epoxy Flooring New Jersey come and inspect my shop floor as I wanted something that looked nice and was robust to handle foot traffic. I had their flooring guy come out to quote me and show me some samples and I was very impressed with what I saw. I booked them for the job and they did a stunning job of giving me the most beautiful floor.

Joe Pirlo

Commercial Epoxy Flooring New Jersey

When we talk about commercial epoxy flooring we consider retail stores, shopping malls, banks, hospitals, airports and much more. Some of the other aspects we concentrate on are industrial premises like factories and warehouses.

Epoxy coating are used in most retail stores for a number of reasons, the main reasons that are constantly asked about from our clients is, will floors will stand up to high traffic and they are easy to clean? This is yes to both questions. The cost is also much better than installing wood or tile and it’s so much easier to clean. With epoxy the installation time is very quick so you won’t have much down time from your business. We can also work after hours to get the work done so it will be much quieter for our staff members to get the job done.

The thing you will enjoy most about having a commercial epoxy floor installed is the amount of light that gets reflected back in to the room. It really creates a light environment that only makes your products look better and better. With epoxy you can also add in design that gives your retail store some extra flair. Use cooperate colors to add in to the look of the floor or you can just stick with a standard colors it’s really up to you. The options and combinations are great allowing you to truly customize the look of the flooring.

For bigger commercial jobs like airports and hospitals we normally have special specified epoxy coatings that stand up to health and safety codes. We like to make sure the floors have a non slip property and areas that need it have an anti bacterial agent that stops the spread of bacteria. Smoothness is also a factor in any big commercial job, the floor not only has to be level which we can help with self leveling epoxy but the main thing you will be looking for is a sleek smooth floor surface.

The other option we can supply is concrete polishing which is more present in plane hangars and department and grocery stores. Concrete polishing not only makes the floor less porous it gives the floor a lovely shine that reflects back like an image in a still clear lake. The concrete is also anti slip and it’s extremely durable with a lifetime of about 25 years plus before it needs to be redone again to restore the shine.

Here at Epoxy Flooring Florida we are here for you, no matter what questions you might have we are here to answer them and help you with any design queries you might have about your next project. We also work very well with general contractors so if you have a site manager who is taking on your construction project we are more than happy to work alongside them to give you the flooring you want in the time you want. It’s just a case of giving us a call and we will do the rest to deliver your impressive new epoxy or concrete polished floor.

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