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Clients say:

I had Epoxy Flooring New Jersey come and inspect my shop floor as I wanted something that looked nice and was robust to handle foot traffic. I had their flooring guy come out to quote me and show me some samples and I was very impressed with what I saw. I booked them for the job and they did a stunning job of giving me the most beautiful floor.

Joe Pirlo

Welcome to Epoxy Flooring NJ!

We are happy that you have found our website and we are here to steer you through the world of epoxy and our services. Our floors are some of the hardest wearing and most impressive in the business. Not only do they look fantastic but they serve the purpose of being easy to clean and we can add a non slip ingredient to make them fantastically safe.

A good majority of our clients in New Jersey have been generous enough to pass our information on to friends because they have been so impressed with our work. So this is why we really want to give you a great flooring product, because we know if you are happy with our work and our epoxy floors you will naturally feel inclined to pass on our information to friends.

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